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Ulobby 360

Stay up to date on any topic or stakeholder with all relevant content from both traditional and social media. Via machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Ulobby 360 gathers information on politicians and subjects - easy to access, continuously updated and without "noise". No matter which subjects are of interest to you, Ulobby helps you keep track of the political development, relevant actors, and discussions from all possible sources.


Ulobby Touchpoints makes it easy to organise and coordinate all stakeholder relations across your organisation. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Ulobby Touchpoints can track all your touchpoints with stakeholders for you - so forget all about time-consuming spreadsheets, power points or CRM-systems. At the same time, the data can be visualised for reporting internally or to help you find the blind spots and get the full overview of your network. 


Ulobby Messaging

Ulobby Messaging tells you the sentiments and stances of the stakeholders relevant to your issue. Who is relevant? How do they stand on your issue? And how credible are they? Imagine to be able to spot Fake News with just a few clicks!
Ulobby is currently working in stealth mode with Ulobby Messaging together with top researchers in the area.
Contact us for more info and ETA.  

ulobby eu

Interested in following agendas and stakeholders in EU? We are currently developing Ulobby EU, in exclusive partnerships, offering companies the chance to influence development, sources and functions. 

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About ulobby


Ulobby is a start-up founded by Anders Kopp Jensen and Bertel Torp in 2016.


Anders Kopp Jensen, CEO & co-founder of Ulobby
MSc in Political Science. Anders has worked as a lobbyist for more than 7 years, both as a consultant and in-house, gaining in-depth knowledge about the Public Affairs industry. Anders also has a political background, having acted as campaign manager/adviser at both national and local elections. In 2014, Berlingske Business named Anders as one of the most talented Danes under 35.


Bertel Torp, CTO & co-founder of Ulobby
MSc in International Business and Politics. Bertel has experience as full-stack developer and CTO, and with a deep understanding of IT and 8 years of hands on experience in implementing the people, technology and process components needed to develop successful IT platforms he drives innovation and velocity in product management, engineering, development, and the daily operations.. 


Simon Thordal, programmer & opinion mining lead         
MSc in Mathematical Modeling and Computing. Simon has worked as a developer for both start-ups and large software companies, in Denmark as well as internationally. Simon has experience ranging from software development to machine learning and opinion- and data-mining. As part of his Master's programme, Simon developed various algorithms to predict the topics of EU plenary debates.


Mariann Malchau Olsen, product manager
MSc in political science. Mariann has experience with election studies and research from Centre for Voting and Parties at Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. Additionally, Mariann has previously worked in the Danish Parliament for MP and current leader of SF, Pia Olsen Dyhr.


Casper Sørensen, frontend developer

Multi media-designer and BSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Before joining Ulobby, Casper has worked as a designer and frontend developer at a web- and digital bureau in Aarhus. Casper has experience with a large number of different tools and frameworks, and has a keen eye for UI and UX. 


Johannes Otto Skjærbæk, backend developer
BSc in Web Development and Multimedia Designer. A recent graduate, Johannes has worked as a developer both for large companies and start-ups during his years of studying. With experience from various full-stack positions, Johannes' knowledge and skills are broad, and he enjoys adding to them every day


Nimish Gåtam, data scientist
MSc in Language Technologies. Originally from the US, Nimish has worked most of his life with startups both in the San Francisco area and in Copenhagen. In addition, Nimish has freelanced as a data journalist, focused on public and political information, and has previously worked with Alternativet in Denmark, among other parties.


Anders Skovbakke, Public Affairs intern
Currently studying an MSc in Political Communication and Management at Copenhagen Business School. The political arena is well-known for Anders. He has acted as a communication advisor in local elections in 2017 and has previously worked in the Ministry of Social Affairs as well as in Danish Regions, where he among many things helped advocate precision medicine and healthcare issues in general.


Andrea Brøns Petersen, student assistant

Currently on her second year of a BSc in political science at University of Copenhagen. Andrea works as a student assistant and helps with research and quality assurance of the platform.




Since January 2017, Ulobby has partnered with The Danish Chamber of Commerce, developing and testing key functions in the platform. 






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