Calling all Public Affairs pros in Brussels!

At Ulobby we are currently building the EU-version of our Public Affairs platform (ETA: Q1 2019). It will - like our version for the Danish market - include many relevant and useful tools for both the Public Affairs "pros" as well as for novices to EU lobbying. And we are already ready to launch the first functions. 

For instance, our new feature "Ulobby Touchpoints" which will eliminate the use of excel spread sheets to manage your many stakeholder touchpoints. Forget excel, instead you can manage all your stakeholder relations via "Ulobby Touchpoints" which is integrated with Outlook. Easy to use for everyone, no matter where your colleagues are based in the world, and easy to implement in your organisation! 

BUT! In this proces we have had enormous help from talking both to experienced Public Affairs as well as communications pros about their experiences and needs in regards to influencing the political agenda in Bxl. 

So if you are out there, and just a little curious, then reach out to me - [email protected] - and give me your insights and input.