Ulobby is hiring


Ulobby is a Copenhagen based tech start up developing software for lobbyists.

Our vision is to fundamentally change how lobbyist work by providing smart, fast and simple tools that allow them to take a data driven approach to their work. We want to enable anyone to work as a lobbyist. Our mission is to roll out the platform not only in Denmark, but all over the world.

As our fist dedicated frontend developer you will have a great influence on the way we build and design our services. And your role on the product team will be to lead the interaction design and build user interfaces that our customers love.  

We think you will be the right fit for our team if:

  • You enjoy building intuitive and great looking products
  • You understand the problems our customers face and obsess with solving them in the simplest possible way
  • You enjoy moving fast
  • You are confident with CSS3/SCSS, JavaScript and HTML5
  • You’re a team player
  • You’re product orientated: Great code is only great if it solves real problems for the customer
  • You’re conscious about tradeoffs between the ideal and the pragmatic solution

Technologies we currently use:
Our frontend stack is currently for the most part a traditional website that sends all the html across every request, with some Vue.js sprinkled in for certain components, however we believe in using the right tools for the job at hand, and are open to commit to a frontend framework so you will have significant influence in technology decisions.

On the backend we work with PHP (laravel), Node.js, MySQL and Redis, all structured in a microservices architecture that exposes RESTful APIs to allow flexibility on the frontend.

Short distance from brainstorming to deployment
We release product updates every single week and we ship bug fixes and improvements on a daily basis. But the process of changing how an industry works is a long and bumpy road, so to keep us on track and provide us with the feedback and motivation required we engage with a select group of our users in co-creation processes. As developer we expect you to participate in these, to get firsthand feedback from passionate people who value your contribution to their profession, and identify and seize opportunities to make a difference for their work.

Interested? Questions? Contact us!
We expect Ulobby to be a place that will help you grow as a developer, and for the right employee, there is an option to negotiate equity. Both fulltime and parttime possible. We also encourage students to apply – 15-20 hours a week is possible.

We’re a small and ambitious team that believe we can make great things together, and if you are interested in this opportunity to join our team please get in touch with our product manager Bertel Torp; [email protected], tel. +45 78762244 or founder Anders Kopp Jensen [email protected], tel. + 45 3153 3134.